IT Consultant, Programmer & Passionate
Since the beginning of my career I demonstrated to be a fast learner, a driven to action resource and to have the ability to identify and troubleshoot critical issues.
I've gained a multi-disciplinary set of skills* that enabled me to successfully accomplish complex tasks in several projects, adapting to ever-changing situations and consistently delivering business results. 
Skills and abilities
☼    Multi-disciplinary skills.    
☼     Fast learner and driven to action. 
☼     Consistently deliver business results.
☼     Knowledgeable in Application Development.
☼     Experience developing enterprise and mobile (iOS) applications.
☼     Experience developing with SDKs.
☼     Knowledgeable in systems migrations. 
☼     Knowledgeable in health checks, platform management and solutions architecture.
☼     Ability to work with processes and methodologies.
☼     Experience working with Scrum/Agile.
☼     Fast learner and driven to action.
☼     Self-motivated; able to learn on own initiative.
☼     Resourceful in solving problems.
☼     Demonstrated ability to adapt to new paradigms & technology.
☼     Customer Oriented - strong Analytical skills, Creative, Perseverance ☼     
☼     Languages – English, French, Spanish.